Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are present every day in everything we do and they are an essential part of our corporate strategy. In order to become this point of reference, we have combined a catalogue of the highest quality products and excellence in service, with respect for the environment and corporate social responsibility. The principles that guide our sustainability journey are: 

  • Applying safety and science to all we do
  • Globally-minded; actioned locally
  • Responsibly building the business
  • Involving customers and partners
  • Undertaking continual improvement
  • Measuring results

At GPPW, we are strongly committed to sustainable development, which implies that the company carries out its operations in harmony with the environment, making an effort to use natural resources and production inputs sustainably while minimizing possible impacts related to their production processes.

Improving Health

The fast increase of global population and the agricultural production decrease due to factors such as scarce water and infertile soils imposes immediate challenges. In fact, almost one billion people suffer from malnutrition and 400 million are chronically under-nourished. In 2050 there will be more than 9 billion persons in the world, and 60% more food will be needed in that decade.
GPPW provides concrete solutions to face these enormous global challenges even in a small scale. More than 40% of agricultural soil in the world is seriously degraded, and have serious deficiency; therefore, fertilizing would improve:

Quality: adding fertilizers and micro-nutrients to the soil could increase contents, composition, and the bio-availability of vitamins and essential micro-nutrients.

Quantity: nutritional deficiencies could limit crops. With no fertilizers, there would be 40-60% less food.

Diversity: adding fertilizers and micro-nutrients could positively affect plant and food product attributes such as color, shape, size, texture, taste, sweetness, acidity, scent, and postharvest life.

Safety: Crops fertilizing reduces the risk of human diseases.

Maintaining Resources

Water and fertile soil are essential resources for human beings. GPPW´s commitment for maintaining this resource is shown in its high quality products, allowing farmers to achieve quality, healthy, and more crops in order to meet the growing world´s food demand.  


Our specialty plant nutrition line combines products with specific physical-chemical characteristics which maximize the crops and crops’ quality when knowing the proper balance and time of application.

Developing new agriculture techniques for the use of fertilizers, such as fertilizing irrigation, foliar applications, and micro irrigation, which allows using less water by surface unit compared to traditional irrigation. Essentially, these techniques help farmers produce more crops with less water.

Organic Farming

In GPPW, we are committed to the conservation of the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources. Therefore, we work on products that permit us to achieve the greatest potential in quality and crop yield whilst always keeping sustainability as a priority, allowing us to develop products that respect the environment. Today, many of our principal products have been approved for Organic Agriculture. GPPW has a number of certifications and accreditations that allow the use of its products in Organic Farming, such as IMS, CE, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001.


     Minimizing Environmental Impact

In line with our commitment to quality and the protection of the environment, we have a quality and environmental management system, certified with the ISO 9001 and the ISO 14001.The ISO 14001 certification guarantees that, we prevent and minimize environmental impact, paying special attention to decreasing emissions, the efficient use of natural resources and energy and the minimizing of waste.