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AGISTA Active is an organic fertilizer in liquid form, ideal combination of hydrolyzed proteins and seaweed extracts. It is a balanced mixture of amino acids, peptides, proteins and carbohydrates, enriched with seaweed extracts containing organic bioactive agents, vitamins and microelements in chelate form.

Its application is very useful against stress and improves the soil productivity. It also improves the C / N ratio and the exploitation of other fertilizers. By foliar application it increases the rate of absorption of nutritious elements by the epidermical cells of the leaves.

  • Stimulates shoot and root growth
  • Increases chlorophyll levels
  • Improves plant health
  • Better establishment of seeds
  • Increased resistance to frost
  • Increased resistance to pests/diseases
  • Improved flowering and fruit setting
  • Compatible with major fungicides/insecticides
  • Increases quality and yield
  • Enhances crop quality and nutritional value
  • Reduces NPK requirements