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ORGANOVEGA is a fluid product of natural origin containing extracts of Ecklonia maxima. It is a brown seaweed of the Southern hemisphere which is harvested when content and ratio of auxins and cytokinins reach the maximum peak. The not invasive production process of ORGANOVEGA do not alter the active principles (also vitamins B and micronutrients) of the seaweed.

ORGANOVEGA stimulates the plants to produce endogen cytokinins, thus inducing to increase root mass, number and fertility of flowers and fruit set. ORGANOVEGA is consequently recommended for plant engraftment, for post transplanting stress and for promoting the efficacy of nutrients and water.

Used in the final stage of fruit enlargement with suitable fertilizers, ORGANOVEGA improves color, sugar content, size and weight.

Because of its natural composition, ORGANOVEGA can be recommended for any crop and in any growing system.

It is available a formulation of ORGANOVEGA allowed in organic farming.