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PROMIN is a formulation of Nitrogen, Carbon and of amino acids in a rapidly assimilable form. The amino acids contained in the product, obtained via enzymatic hydrolysis, are precursor of growing promoters.

The amino acids, the peptides and the oligopeptides contained in PROMIN are beneficial to the plant metabolic functions and activate the bacterial flora of the soil, increase the organic matter content and improve structure and texture of the soil.

Being a carrier of nutrients (particularly micronutrients) by root uptake and by leaf absorption, PROMIN favors nutrients absorption and it can be profitably used for promoting vegetative growth and fruit enlargement. Indeed, PROMIN allows for saving energy in several metabolic processes such as those of proteins and chlorophyll increasing the efficiency of the synthesis.

PROMIN is recommended whenever plants are stressed for excess or deficiency of water, for problems of toxicity due to herbicides or pesticides and salinity. PROMIN can also aid the herbicide and pesticide absorptions.