GPPW | agriculture | AMINO PLUS 28


AMINO PLUS 28 is a product to base of aminoacids, peptides and vegetal extracts of total and fast assimilation at leaf level. It contains extract of seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum and Glycinbetaine, an active principle of natural origin that acts as an osmotic natural regulator in the plants. AMINO PLUS 28 contains besides a particular concentrated of vegetal extracts (CEV) that speeds up the catalytic effects inside the vegetal cells, increasing the cellular permeability and increasing the all biochemical functions of the plant. Amino plus 28 therefore allows an energetic saving in the general metabolism of the plant, adding organic material that itself should synthesize. It facilitates the recovery of the crops, when parasitic or different causes (freeze, drought, herbicidal treatments, crisis of transplant, etc.) break their normal functionality.