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 STIMOFOL is a fluid product having biostimulant action, characterized by the presence of N-acetyl-thiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid (ATCA) and folic acid.

Thanks to its formulation, STIMOFOL is a precursor of free amino acids such as proline, an important regulator of the cell turgidity, and of cysteine, an effective metabolic activator. When applied to seeds, STIMOFOL not only increases the germination potential, but also positively affects the subsequent growing phases favoring the fruit development, increasing the raw material quality at harvest and the yield.

STIMOFOL, which is recommended for all crops, can be applied even after the harvest as a help for the recovery of the plant’s health.

All this is possible because STIMOFOL promotes the full utilization of all the biochemical reserves of the plants, stimulating the vital processes and helping to overcome the critical development periods during the whole growing cycle.

In case of phytotoxicity, thermic or water sudden changes and root asphyxia, STIMOFOL helps the plants to rapidly overcome the consequence of the abiotic stresses.