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ACTIMIX is an amino acid complex which includes ATCA and vitamins (folic acid) in order to facilitate both foliar and root assimilation. Amino acid action stimulates plant physiological functions such as sprouting, flowering, pollination, fruit setting and fruit development.

ATCA is a natural activator of the biochemical plant functions. It stimulates and increases plant resistance against adverse conditions as drought stress, cold stress or cryptogamic attacks. Due to the amino acid activation power, its natural components influence both cell's vital functions and the achievement of maximum performance of fertilization. As the application of trace elements with amino acids accelerates the synthesis of proteins, plant can save itself the metabolic processes of producing amino acids.

ACTIMIX includes ATCA, a natural component derived from L-cysteine, and folic acid which favor plant metabolism against stress conditions. ACTIMIX is easily absorbed by plants to benefit vegetative growth and the absorption of the nutrients given by farmers.