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BIOFER is a plant growth regulator for foliar applications formulated along with plant source amino acids and ATCA. BIOFER activates plant mechanisms in a physiological-level. Its use biostimulates vegetative growth, side bud burst, flower and fruit mooring, photosyntate formation and also delays senescence and germination.

Balanced applications of cytokinins together with gibberellins and auxins stimulate fruit mooring and sizing, mainly in fleshy fruits. BIOFER applications stop apical growth and stimulate side shoots growth too.

BIOFER with amino acids stimulates plant physiological functions such as sprouting, flowering, pollination, fruit setting and fruit development.

BIOFER includes ATCA, a natural component derived from L-cysteine, which is a natural activator of the biochemical plant functions. It stimulates and increases plant resistance against adverse conditions as drought stress, cold stress or cryptogamic attacks by the stimulation of glutathione production, an important natural antioxidant peptide

BIOFER also enhances photosynthesis and seed germination.