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CELSUGAR is a natural activator designed for enhancing root yield and sucrose production in sugar beet and sugarcane. Based on latest knowledge of nutritional requirements of these crops, CELSUGAR supplies specific macro, meso and micronutrients for achieving higher crop yield and quality while inducing an impro-vement in soil performance.

CELSUGAR stimulates sugars formation in leaves and sugars storage in roots though the supply of potassium (improvement of nitrogen use efficiency by plants), magnesium (increase of photosynthesis), silicon (for a better plant cell health and resistance for facing biotic and abiotic stresses), boron (the main required micronutrient in sugar crops, especially in sandy alkaline soils), and a balanced mix of micronutrients (for the right performance of plant enzymatic system).

Boron in CELSUGAR is supplied in form of polyol complex in order to enable the best mobility in plants.

CELSUGAR includes ATCA, a natural component derived from L-cysteine, which is a natural activator of the biochemical plant functions. It stimulates and increases plant resistance against adverse conditions as drought stress, cold stress or cryptogamic attacks by the stimulation of glutathione production, a key natural antioxidant peptide in living systems.