• Manufacturing compatible, eco-friendly and, modernized products which provide health and peace of fellow human.
  • Developing health and welfare of fellow human and protecting environment and applying latest safety and health management standards to prevent accident.
  • Leader in protecting environment
  • Superior and well-known brand in the international arena in order to enhance customers’ benefits and satisfaction.
  • Consolidation and development of the brand as a premium brand of international manufacturer.
  • The highest level of international production using modern technologies and recruiting experienced managers and creative research and engineering teams
  • Creating fair competitive space ,and a safety and secured platform for product development
  • Entrepreneurship by recruiting expert, capable, and experienced staff  in order to improve quality and make new products through enhancing capabilities and abilities of GPPW Company’s successful team.


  • International famous and successful brand in international markets with the best manufacturing quality.
  • Promoting international unity while keeping competition and creativity.
  • Improving technical and professional knowledge of staff and creating innovative and creative mind
  • Creative look at globalization with technical knowledge and manufacturing management and an attempt to provide the best
  • Strong and wide presence and holding educational courses and professional seminars with participation of world’s major consultants and applying recommendations and innovations of the international great brands in the field of successful production.
  • Contribution to international economic growth cycle
  • The most admired company in its industry
  • World-class competitive capabilities in manufacturing and supplying products
  • Continues anticipation of customers’ changing needs