GPPW Co. relying on resources and valuable records, and recruiting experienced experts , and presence of technical experts and engineers started its extensive activity in international markets in 2006 with the presence of Dr. Mohammad Hosseini as the founder of the company in the field of organic agriculture and with its famous slogan (Generate peace and pleasure in the world). The company benefitted from the presence of experienced consultants and experts in manufacturing department from Germany, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, and the Unites states in order to supply products with the best and highest quality. The company as a strong and active arm in the field of organic agricultural products beside famous international manufacturers have active presence through expanding its activities and promoting healthy and dynamic culture of agriculture by holding conferences, exhibitions , international festivals; establishing research farms and taking consultation in all stages of planting and harvesting crops ; maintaining, updating relations with valid scientific and research centers with the brand of CELWAS in all over the world. In 2015, GPPW added a new branch to its activities by deploying a creative and expert team, in this regard it has started to produce household appliances with the brand of HIMMEL applying the most advanced technical technologies from Japan, Korea, China, and America with the lowest percentage of damage to the environment.