We live in community, we work in community so we have commitment to it. GPPW company not only does commit to its loyal customers and try to satisfied them but also tries to preserve the mother earth and have a significant role to protect people health and happiness. The company takes care of the environment and society by using organic materials and sound methods and technologies. In other word, using the technologies and formulations which are not disadvantageous for human life and also The Earth is our method to fulfill our commitment to the community.

In home appliance section, R 410 refrigerant which is used in air conditioners is environment friendly as it does not contain any chemical that can damage Ozon. Also the inverter technology has les toxicity, low cost, and non-flammable.

On the other hand, in agricultural part, we are proud to produce the organic fertilizers and also use the method to consume less water and by producing organic fertilizers and mixing them by the materials that can be less toxic and damaging to the environment.

Hence, by using the healthy products and the safe methods of using some others, we can have a greater and healthier community.

We ‘re going to leave the world better than we found it.